How to send a blank comment or message on Facebook


A year ago we revealed how to publish a blank status update, a simple trick that is still working that puts a special tag on a Facebook status update of empty update, but there is still something in the update. With this trick you can post a status update with no links, images, text or other content. Truly empty. A similar trick also exists for comments and messages (in … [Read more...]

How to find out who unfriends you on Facebook


Some time ago we had reported a Greasemonkey script that allows you to discover which of your friends are actually unfriending you (see article: How to find out who unfriending you on Facebook ). Today we announce a new service that allows you to perform the same control, or to find out who has removed you from Facebook friends . The service is called Who deleted me and it’s … [Read more...]

Happy Aquarium Trick

The trick has been tested by Alessandro from our Italian Fan Page. Become a fan at Not a program, no special code, no hacks. (maybe that's why it works and will continue to work ... we hope lol) Simply follow the instructions of the video. … [Read more...]

FishVille trick – Unlimited gifts

With FishVille you can get fish and grow and decorate an aquarium with the help of friends. The game allows you to send a limited number of gifts a day with friends and neighbors. With this trick you can send as many gifts as you want. 1.) Open the Facebook game using a Firefox browser (need Firefox?) 2.) Open “Free Gifts” in a new tab by Right click button … [Read more...]