Update Your Facebook Status from the New iPhone5, the Future and many other places


Often when posting on Facebook from applications, like YouTube or your Mobile device, you can see the source of the update. We've discussed this type of trick before, How to pretend to update your status from iPhone or Android BlackBerry iPad. Today, we share a website that allows you to post from the new iPhone 5, whether you have one or not, the future and many more! … [Read more...]

How to get around the 500 character limit

Facebook Status Update Too Long

If you try to publish a Facebook status update more than 500 characters you will get an error message: status update too long - "The status updates should be less than 500 characters. You have 909 characters entered here. Notes can be much longer. Would you like to edit and update your post as a note? " How do you circumvent this limit? It's as smple as publishing a photo! … [Read more...]

How to tag anyone – even those who are not your friend!


Exclusive Today: we present a super trick, how to tag in status updates those who are and those who are not your friends , or tag anyone! Yes, you read right, everyone! As you know to tag of a friend in a post is done by inserting the at sign @ followed by the name of a friend, their name becomes a link in the update status, linking to their profile. The tagged individual … [Read more...]

View all status updates


A new application allows you to view all status updates published on the first day of Facebook registration. This trick works for both your and your friends. Not only that, you can also see all the messages left on the post and also the number of "likes" and comments received in the last 30 days. Try: Archivedbook   … [Read more...]