Customize your profile photo with a badge


We already talked about how to take advantage of the latest changes to customize your profile by changing the picture in the box at the top, but today we announce a site that allows you to create an image of a special profile. Pichacker , the name of the service, lets you add a badge to your profile photo . All you need to do is go to the site and … [Read more...]

How to convert a Facebook profile to a page


Facebook has finally launched one of the functions that has much requested by users: the ability to convert a profile account into a business Page thus making friends turn into Likes. Facebook has in fact made ​​available the ability to convert user's personal pages to professional Pages, with the new profile-page Migration Tool. So this is the answer all the hundreds of pages … [Read more...]

How to hide friend list on Profile


The new privacy settings has made it that the list of friends is always visible on your profile. The way to hide them is a bit 'hidden ... The list can be hidden only to those who are not among your friend list. By making this change the friend list will always be visible to you and your friends. To hide the box from non-friends, you must click on the pencil at the top right … [Read more...]

How To Hide Your Facebook Profile From Google

Facebook, by default, it will put our profile in search engines. It might be helpful to remove our profile from search results. Here's how: Privacy Settings-> Search-> uncheck the option "Create a public search listing for me and submit make me available for indexing in search engines"   … [Read more...]