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  • How to get notifications from Pages and friends

    Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Get notifications“. If checked, you’ll receive a notification every time a page (or a friend / a) publish to their timeline. This i...
    Nov 06, 2012 No Comments

  • How to read the news without letting everyone know on Facebook

    You’ve probably already come across a popular Facebook application for newspapers like the Independent, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and Yahoo News. When a friend of o...
    Dec 13, 2011 No Comments

  • How to find out and get notified when a friend comes on Facebook!

    Some time ago we reported applications that allowed users to find out when a friend came online on Facebook. Following Facebook book updates those applications have stopped working and for some time n...
    Sep 23, 2011 3 Comments

  • Receive Facebook notifications on your desktop

    Tired of repeatedly going to Facebook to see if there are any new notifications? What to do? FacebookDesktop ! With this little software you’ll receive the notifications in a truly comfortable and n...
    Feb 18, 2011 No Comments

  • Receive notifications from a Fan Page

    The notification system Facebook has recently undergone several updates, fixing some problems creating new ones. But there is one thing we here at Tricksfacebook love, commonly requested by many users...
    Jan 29, 2011 No Comments

  • How to hide or restore friends in real-time feed

    Are you tired of seeing too much worthless content in your Facebook News feed? Want to customize your Facebook? Your home page on Facebook is divided into two sections: Most popular news: an algorit...
    Jul 31, 2010 1 Comment