How to hide friends and mutual friends on Facebook


Among the most requested privacy settings (and hidden) on Facebook there is one that allows you to hide your friend list . Not everyone wants you to know with whom your friends with on Facebook but it's a little difficult to find this setting to change it. It's been cunningly placed in the privacy settings. According to what has been written in Facebook's service center you … [Read more...]

How to remove friends on Facebook

removing friends on Facebook

Recent questions to How do I remove a friend on the new Facebook timeline? Can you can remove more than one friend at a time? We'll try to answer those questions. Facebook is a social network, a place to make new friends and find old ones. Facebook over the years has removed and created new control that allow you to control what your friends see. … [Read more...]

How to see photos shared between two users


We return with a new trick that is very useful to get the information . This helps you find out what two people (profiles) have in common. Some time ago we told you about the friendship page that allows you to discover precisely what elements of Facebook users are shared between two, or which friends, which messages are exchanged, which events they attended together or even … [Read more...]

App Store app shows you who unfriends you on Facebook


If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - you have access to thousands of applications in the Apple App store. You should install Facebook - Who has unfriended me? (Italian App) , a new application that allows you to find out which friends have unfriended you. The application costs € 0.79 and also allows the use of multiple accounts simultaneously. If you're not an Apple, … [Read more...]

How to download your list of Facebook friends


In many ways this trick has been around for a long time: being able to export, download your list of friends on Facebook. Well, someone has created a beautiful extension of Google Chrome that does just that, exporting: Names E-mail Phone numbers Nicknames (if the user has changed its name on Facebook) Web Sites Addresses Birthdays Obviously, some information … [Read more...]