New extension to remove the read-receipt of messages on Facebook


Are you tired of Facebook automatically notifying friends, with date and time, of when you see their message? If you didn't know that well know you do! Every time you receive and see a message (including chat) Facebook sends a read receipt to the sender. This is so the sender knows that you are online and that you've read the message. When you view the receive message the … [Read more...]

New extension to change the color of Facebook


A few months ago we reported on an extension for Google Chrome that allowed you to change the color of Facebook. That add-on is still very popular, however, it's only available for the Chrome browser, so today we announce a new extension for all major browsers that allows you to change the standard blue color Facebook. This extension allows the user to choose any color … [Read more...]

How to automatically log out of Facebook with Firefox

Facebook login

If several people are using the same computer, like in a home or work-space, than you might (or you probably will or have already) sit at computer and accidentally find yourself connected to a Facebook account that is not yours. These situations occur because users of Facebook often forget to log out and the browser keeps them connected. Facebook does not provide a system … [Read more...]

How to run JavaScript code on Facebook


Often on this blog we point out several tricks to Facebook involving the use of code javascript . For example code that allows you to select all your friends to invite them to an event , to suggest a page and a code that allows you to discover the secret list of favorite friends. The JavaScript language is very powerful and commonly used on most websites, but among the … [Read more...]

Disable the Facebook Timeline – New extension

remove timeline

In a previous article we pointed out there was a way to disable the timeline with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so it was only a matter of time that more extensions would apear that facilitate the process. This method allows you to be able to see your profile and that of others as it was before the change, in a short, it allows you to disable, remove the new graphics and … [Read more...]