11 Things You Should Stop Doing On Facebook


Even Facebook has (or should have) its own netiquette. We spend most of the day using Facebook so it is only fair to observe certain rules of conduct, out of respect for yourself and others. Sometimes you publish or share something, or do anything, that will bother your friends. Don't worry it's probably nothing serious, but it's best to avoid. After the list of things you … [Read more...]

How to listen to Spotify without sharing on Facebook


Spotify is a great service that lets you listen to free streaming music from your computer (or even on devices like the iPhone or Android, but for a fee). You create playlists, share it with friends and thanks to Spotify Social follow the activities of friends (what they're listening to). Applications like Spotify also use Facebook to share the music you are listening to … [Read more...]

The 10 most frequently asked questions on Facebook


After my many years of experience on Facebook and after years of our team of bloggers, social media experts and consultants. We've decided to write a post on the 10 most frequently asked questions on Facebook. Here are questions that you probably have wondered about before. These questions are the most searched and often have no clear answers. Here we will try to answer … [Read more...]

10 Facebook tricks you don’t know (maybe)


This blog is now populated by thousands of tricks tips and guides for Facebook. Over the years we have always tried to report the best resources, extensions, software, add-ons and scripts to improve and make this social network the most pleasurable experience it can offer. With almost a billion users the tricks and tips have become increasing stronger thanks to the thousands … [Read more...]