How to select all your friends with just one click – Facebook 2013


One of the most popular tricks on Facebook allows you to select all your friends in one click which will save you quite a bit of time when sending invitations to events, or suggestions friends to "like" from pages. With this trick you can save a bookmark on your browser (a bookmark that contains a javascript code) that when clicked selects all the items in your browser … [Read more...]

How to export events and birthdays from Facebook

how to export events facebook

After writing about how to export a single event on Facebook, today we see a new and useful feature: the ability to export all events and birthdays. This function is very interesting because it allows you to integrate Facebook events calendar on any other calendar (like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or iCal). And 'possible to export all the events in which we were … [Read more...]

How to select all friends quickly to suggest a page or invite to an event

Select all friends

Yesterday we revealed how to use a javascript code to select up to 100 friends in one fell swoop. When you suggest a page to friends or when we invite friends to an event it can be annoying having to select the friends one by one. With that code we can select up to 100 friends in a click, very handy for sure. A fan has reported another method, much simpler and requires no … [Read more...]

How to download and print the list of guests in Facebook Events


Facebook events are one of those features that have made Facebook so popular. Many people create events and invite hundreds of people, with any number of participants that are either attending or not which can eventually become very confusing. You have your list of invitees to the event and do not know how to download it?  EVula helps you, a site created to export the list of … [Read more...]

How to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar


For those who use Google Calendar here is a convenient extension of Google Chrome that lets you quickly add any Facebook event to your Google Calendar™ with the click of a link. No more copy paste and typing. The extension is called Facebook Add Events to Google Calendar and it’s simple to use, just install it ( link ) and go to an event on Facebook. You will notice a new link … [Read more...]