New extension to remove the read-receipt of messages on Facebook


Are you tired of Facebook automatically notifying friends, with date and time, of when you see their message? If you didn't know that well know you do! Every time you receive and see a message (including chat) Facebook sends a read receipt to the sender. This is so the sender knows that you are online and that you've read the message. When you view the receive message the … [Read more...]

New extension to change the color of Facebook


A few months ago we reported on an extension for Google Chrome that allowed you to change the color of Facebook. That add-on is still very popular, however, it's only available for the Chrome browser, so today we announce a new extension for all major browsers that allows you to change the standard blue color Facebook. This extension allows the user to choose any color … [Read more...]

How to like every comment or status on your Facebook page


Today we announce an extension which is probably not one of those functions that you cannot do without, or you've been looking for some time. Rather it is one of those things a little 'useless circulating on the web, but funny, viral, and good to make jokes and have fun with friends on Facebook. Let's talk about an extension available for Google Chrome that allows you to … [Read more...]

How to delete all your Facebook messages with one click

Fast Delete

Every now and then Facebook should explore the extensions developed for its platform and be inspired from them as many these extensions are really useful and should already be available from Facebook. An example of this type of tool is what we present today: a Google Chrome extension that adds a "delete all" button to remove with one click all the messages in your … [Read more...]

New extension that disables the timeline for pages and profiles

Timeline disabler

The timeline (the new Facebook update) every day is activated for more and more users. After having made it mandatory for all pages on March 30, Facebook aims soon to complete the upgrade profile for all users. Protests against this change were strong, and certainly not lacking in seriousness. The majority of users do not appreciate the timeline and believes that Facebook … [Read more...]