How to Insert Chat in a Facebook Page


Administrators are always looking for ways to better communicate with their fans. Many applications have been developed but they have also been deleted. Today we are sharing with you a new application which makes it possible to enter a chat in Facebook pages, by the developers of "Forum For Pages." The application is called Chat for Pages and you can install it for your page … [Read more...]

How to analyze your Facebook Page


We often share posts about how to generate detailed statistics on the profile or pages. Today we are going to share another resource which analyzes a Facebook page and provides interesting statistics and assigns the page a score. It's called Like Analyzer. "LikeAlyzer helps you to measure and analyze the potential and success rate of your Facebook Pages. It allows you to … [Read more...]

How to merge two Facebook Pages

Merge Facebook Pages

Today we continue with Tricks for Facebook Pages. This post should be of great interest to current administrators of pages, webmasters or whoever wants to become one. Everyday on Facebook thousands of pages are created, some are growing rapidly, some have only a few members, but others have only created confusion. Have you ever found two pages with the same name? It is … [Read more...]

How to create a long profile image for Facebook pages

Long Image

What is the optimal size for profile pictures on Facebook? If the loaded image is too large the system will automatically shrink the image to maintain the standard proportions and in most cases the image is small and blurry, if the image loaded is too small it becomes scarcely visible. Facebook does not indicate which both the right size for the images in profile, requires … [Read more...]

How to convert a Facebook profile to a page


Facebook has finally launched one of the functions that has much requested by users: the ability to convert a profile account into a business Page thus making friends turn into Likes. Facebook has in fact made ​​available the ability to convert user's personal pages to professional Pages, with the new profile-page Migration Tool. So this is the answer all the hundreds of pages … [Read more...]