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Receive notifications from a Fan Page

The notification system Facebook has recently undergone several updates, fixing some problems creating new ones. But there is one thing we here at Tricksfacebook love, commonly requested by many users, Facebook has not yet added the ability to receive notifications when a new message is posted on the Wall of a fan page.

If you are an administrator for fan pages, or if you simply want to receive notifications when a new message or a new comment is posted on the wall of a page (which is published by the administrator, but an ordinary user), the only way is to return to visit the page from time to time and see if there are any updates, which loss precious time.

But then there are those who thought to solve the problem, creating a notification system for the pages!


HyperAlerts is the service created especially for us, inform us by e-mail when there is a new comment / message on the page (or pages) that we’re interested! Instructions:

1. Sign up for the service (no need to enter the same email Facebook):

2. Click “+ Add new alert”


3.Enter the address (URL) of the page you want to monitor.


4. Set the frequency with which you want to receive notifications:


That’s it! From now on you will receive an email each time someone comments or post a new message on the Fan Page Wall!

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