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How to hide friends and mutual friends on Facebook

Facebook-FriendsAmong the most requested privacy settings (and hidden) on Facebook there is one that allows you to hide your friend list . Not everyone wants you to know with whom your friends with on Facebook but it’s a little difficult to find this setting to change it. It’s been cunningly placed in the privacy settings.

According to what has been written in Facebook’s service center you can hide the friends list but you cannot hide friends in common.

Yet someone seems to have hidden friends in common. How did he do it and what is the mystery behind this hidden setting? Well in this article I will explain everything.

How to hide friends list on Facebook

First of all, we’ll re-explain how to hide friends list on Facebook. All you have to do is visit some friends (from your timeline click on the friends tab, or click here to go directly ) and click on the pencil icon to the right, choose “Edit privacy.”Editing-Facebook-Friends-Privacy

A window will open. From there, change the first field, which regulates the visibility of your friends list. To hide all you need to select “Only me.”


In this window, you can also adjust the privacy of the list of people and lists used and the list of followers.

How to hide friends in common

As I mentioned there is no setting that allows you to hide friends in common, those are always visible. So why not?

Simple. Friends in common should see that their hidden from their friends list!

Let me explain. Suppose that A is friends with B and C both have a mutual friend. If A and B hides the friends list visit the timeline of A, B should see that there is a mutual friend, C. But if C hides his friends list then B, visiting the timeline of A does not see any friends.

Do you understand the “trick”? So how do you hide all the friends in common? Simple, recommended them this article and tell them to hide their friends list! Wink

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