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How to automatically log out of Facebook with Firefox

Facebook login

If several people are using the same computer, like in a home or work-space, than you might (or you probably will or have already) sit at computer and accidentally find yourself connected to a Facebook account that is not yours.

These situations occur because users of Facebook often forget to log out and the browser keeps them connected. Facebook does not provide a system for automatically logging out, especially if you have checked the box to “stay connected.”

Auto logout

Today we share with you a trick so you can sign-out automatically from Facebook (log out automatically) thanks this Mozilla Firefox add-on (which is not available for other browsers, but we hope it will soon become available to more).

The add-on to which we speak of is called Facebook Auto-Logout. You can install it ( click here ) free of charge and in few seconds. Once installed you must configure the options – go to manage add-ons and click on “Options” next to the name of the extension you just installed. You can then change the “log me out after X seconds of inactivity” which by default is set to 60 (1 minute).
When you are not using Facebook for more than X seconds, the plugin will automatically log out of your account.


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