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5 Ways to download photos from Facebook

1. Photo Download

In our opinion this method is the best way to download entire albums from friends in just a few clicks. Photo Download is a web-based, no installation required, allow it via Facebook to be used on any browser and operating system.

To use it just go and login with Facebook.

2. PhotoGrabber

This software is available for Windows and Mac that lets you download albums with a few clicks of our friends including the comments and tags on photos.


Download: WindowsMac

3.  Extension for Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome this will make you comfortable that this extension is integrated to the browser. To download all photos on a page just hit Ctrl + S. Download the extension


4.  Firefox Extension

Similar to the plug-ins for Chrome users here is the one for Mozilla Firefox. ( link )

This fits into the context menu of the operating system. Just right click on a page with the photos you want to download.


5. Old Photo Viewer

Another method is to reactivate the old photo viewer ( read methods here ). Once activated you can simply right click on the images and choose the classic “Save As”

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