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New tricks for the photo viewer on Google Chrome

Just a few days ago we were among the first to tell you how to reactivate the old photo viewer , explaining the benefits, reported a greasemonkey script for use with Firefox or Chrome or by pressing F5 on your keyboard while viewing the photo with the new viewer (trick doesn’t not work with all browsers).

Today we announce two more tricks about the browser Google Chrome .

  1. Revert Facebook Photo Viewer is a new extension that shows the photo viewer as before, without the new window on a black background.

  2. Remember that the main advantage in being able to view the photos with the old system is that it can get the url of the photo, which allows us to share it with anyone, without any restrictions on the privacy settings. Well, what if you need to be able to get the address of a picture but also like the new viewer ? Facebook image link is an extension that adds commands to the context menu when you right-click on the picture. You’ll notice a new menu with options to: Open the URL of the photo, showing the address of the image or show the address of the photos in high resolution.


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  • Yeleriv

    worked like a charm! thanks for sharing this!