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How to see photos shared between two users

We return with a new trick that is very useful to get the information :). This helps you find out what two people (profiles) have in common. Some time ago we told you about the friendship page that allows you to discover precisely what elements of Facebook users are shared between two, or which friends, which messages are exchanged, which events they attended together or even which pages have in common, and so on.


On the same basis as that trick now we are providing a link that allows you to find out which two users share photos, in other words where the two users have been tagged.

What you need are the users’ IDs. If you don’t know how to find a users ID read this. How to find out the ID of a user on Facebook. 5 Ways.

Once you have the ID of the users. Replace them at this link:

Where ID1 ID2 and IDs are first found.

The page will give you the pictures shared by two users.

Obviously, the picture must be visible to you, then you will want to see photos shared by two users who are not your friends be able to see just the pictures public, or those with privacy set to NOT "just friends".

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