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How to discover the friends you visit (Spy on) the most on Facebook!

How many times have you wanted to find out who you interact with the most on Facebook? Who do you spy on most, those who are in your thoughts, without them your Facebook would not be the same.

Just install a bookmark in your browser to discover the secret list of friends that you spy on most on Facebook .(And yes, you must, because the steps are simple, you can access the profile of a friend or family member if they connect from your computer and find friends that he / she visits more!)

Everything you need to do is drag this link on your bookmarks bar. Click on the link with the left mouse button and hold it, drag it to the bookmarks bar, or under the address bar of your browser.


You haven’t added anything but a java code which when executed will generate the secret list of friends.

What you now need to do is go on Facebook and click on the bookmark. A pop up will appear on your screen when you click on the list (see image):



In the list you will notice several names of friends on Facebook and numbers on the right, those higher up are the ones who spied on more.

The score is created based on the interactions made with that friend, and comments visits, likes, messages, etc.

Amazing right? More information about trick is available from the author’s site (link below).

If the trick isn’t working for you please check your security settings and disable https:

Trick tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If bookmark does not work on chrome, try creating a new bookmark with the javascript as the url. Good Luck!

[Via: TheKeesh ]

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