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The Complete Guide to the Facebook Timeline for Pages

Complete Timeline Guide

facebook timeline Cover Image

All Facebook pages will be changed to the new timeline by March 30, 2012. The administrators of personal pages, business or company received notice on February 29 that this change was coming. A warning on top of their pages appeared that allows administrators to preview the new timeline and decide whether you want to publish immediately or wait.

Updating to facebook timeline

Cover Image

The cover image of the timeline is the first and most important aspect of customizing your page. It’s what catches the eye of your fans when they visit and is the feature that is the most customizable on your page.

Here on TricksFacebook we have reported on a variety of resources to customize the cover image, here are a list of articles:

Here, for example a list of 30 resources to customize the cover of the timeline.

But today we also want to share with you some of the best covers on Facebook. You can freely use these on your page or you can get ideas for creating your own unique cover. Here are some examples of covers:

Facebook Image

Facebook Cover Image Example

facebook Cover Image

Cover Image Facebook

cover image Facebook

These and others can be found on the album covers of Fake Science – Scientific Cover Photos

Other creative examples can be found here


The size of the cover image is 851 (width) by 315 (height) pixels and the picture of the profile or logo is 125 by 125 pixels.

Information Section

facebook About Section

The information section is clearly visible below the profile picture and name of the page. It’s important to update this information depending on the type of page:

Local business: you have the opportunity to enter the physical address of your business in plain sight on your timeline.

facebook business address

- No address: if your page is a brand that does not have a specific address you can enter text and a link to your site (example of our page).


Facebook Applications

Applications are now placed in the box to the right information. It’s also possible to display up to four boxes in clear view. You’re not limited to four because you can add more boxes and reposition them as you wish. The box is not visible and can only be accessed by clicking the arrow to the right (see picture).

Messages from fans

messages in facebook

Fans can now communicate with the administrators of the page by sending a message. Administrators can still choose whether to enable this option from the settings page.

New admin panel

Facebook- admin- panel

The timeline has introduced a new admin panel for pages. From there you can see the latest alerts on the page, view received messages, respond to and / or archive, view the list of users who clicked on the pages I like button, and view the “Insights” (which are not open to the public).

Recent Other

post visibility

Activity Log

Just like the timeline on the personal profiles, the pages now have a record of activities where you can see all the actions that were performed on the page.

This log is very useful if your page has more of an administrator, to control the actions of others and have a kind of “virtual notebook” that keep track of all changes automatically.

To start using this feature click the “Admin Panel” button, then on “Manage” – “Use Activity Log.”

activity log facebook


add a Milestone

In the timeline, you can add milestones, which are meaningful events in the life of your company, or brand page. For example, you can insert the date of creation, creation or founding of your brand or your Facebook page and add this point in time as news on your timeline.

Highlight a News

pin an Item

Another interesting feature finally offered is the one that allows you to highlight a story published in the wall of the timeline. This ability allows you to choose whether to move a post and keep it at the top of the page for a period of 7 days after which the news will return to its original position.

This function should be used for the important items you want to share. This is very useful so as your post has a better chance of not going undetected by some of your community because this keeps the content clearly visible on your page.



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