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Splesh Web discovered a new way to see who visits your Facebook profile

Great one @noltha. (twitter)

Facebook Tricks has created a new trick which allows you to see who visits your Facebook profile. Splesh Web has given me permission to share this trick with you. Preconditions: The method is, copyrighted by Splesh! Web(

I tested Splesh’s method and it works.

How to do it?

Here is the basic idea. Facebook has an application called Profile HTML that allows you to enter HTML code that will be inserted on a box on your profile. But, lets add a counter inside this box and see what happens?


1 – Allow the application to have access Profile HTML

2 – add the box – at the top of the application page click the link on the top page in the “Add to Profile”

image 3 – Click on “keep” to keep the box in your profile.

4 – Go to this page. Here you will be able to set the privacy of box. Click edit settings next to “Profile HTML”. In Privacy Click “Customize …”.

At this point change your settings to resemble the picture below ( “Some friends” and “None of my networks”)

I created a list of people I wanted to specifically count. Name of my list “Counted Visits.”


4 – The next step is to change the default code generated by the application to that of a counter. Click on “Click here to edit the contents of your profile box” and you will find in the application page a place to edit the code.

5 – The counter that Splesh and I used can from – go to the page, choose a counter that you like and fill in the fields below. For “Site URL” (enter http://www.facebook .com/ username of your profile “) – [if you have a custom (vanity) URL, I recommend getting one. Go here to create your vanity URL: and finally ” Email “.

6 – Copy the code generated from the site and paste it into the Profile HTML box edit text box area.

7 – Click on “Submit” and you’re done.


Observations and recommendations

The counter increases with every visit, but recognizes visitors by their IP. So, if the person visits your profile multiple times, in the same session, it will be counted as one visit.

BTW – your visits are also counted!

Let me explain a simple method of operation:

Set the visible counter to one friend – checking the counter on the profile will count as a view and will be noted. (example: 3 visits). When you check your profile, if the count is 3 or 4 you have not received any visits (3 if you have the same IP, 4 if you’re logged in with a different IP and the counter is counting your visit), but if the meter is to 5 then that friend / a has visited your profile.

Thank you Splesh!

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