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New extension that disables the timeline for pages and profiles

Timeline disabler

The timeline (the new Facebook update) every day is activated for more and more users. After having made it mandatory for all pages on March 30, Facebook aims soon to complete the upgrade profile for all users.

Protests against this change were strong, and certainly not lacking in seriousness. The majority of users do not appreciate the timeline and believes that Facebook should at least give a choice between the old and the new timeline design.

After the success of TimelineRemove, the extension of Andrea Marsico which now has hundreds of thousands of users because it allows you to disable the timeline on Facebook, after the success of new RestyleTimeline, the new extension that improves the timeline and makes it more beautiful and fast on both profiles and pages, today we present a new extension that eliminates the timeline pages and profiles.

How to turn off the timeline on pages and profiles

The extension we’re presenting today was created by the authors of Fb Chat Sidebar Disabler, the extension that allows you to return to the old chat on Facebook.

With the same principle, the authors have now decided to create an extension that removes the new user interface of Facebook profiles and pages and return us to the old style, thus providing the choice for all users.

Before you go to this site, we’d like to remind everyone that these methods (we were the first to provide the original method ) only work on computers where the extensions are installed. This means your friends do not see your profile with the old style unless you invited them to install an extension to disable the timeline.

How to install the extension

The extension is called New Profile Disabler (Bring Back the Old Profile) and is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. To install it you must visit the site and click the box “Install now”. If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari instead TimelineRemove.

Once installed try opening a new tab on your browser for Facebook or updated (by pressing F5 on your keyboard) pages. Here, for example my profile after installing the extension, without the timeline:

Without Timeline

But the main element is that the extension does not reload to bring back the old design on the profiles, it also works on the pages thus ensuring complete removal of the timeline. Here, for example, is our page without the timeline:

Tricksfacebook Old Page

The extension is great for bringing back the old style of the profiles and pages.

How do I remove the extension and reactivated the timeline?

If you want to reactivate the timeline you’ll have to remove the extension.

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