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How to schedule a post on Facebook from Facebook


Facebook is undergoing a new phase in it’s evolution, many new features are being launched and it’s our duty to keep you informed and up-to-date.

The feature discussed in this article is really interesting and for now only available for pages. Starting today you can schedule when a post is published, a news story as a status update, photo, link, event, or any other content.

You no longer need to use an external application to schedule the publication of a post. We can use a feature recently added to Facebook pages.

All you need to do is prepare the content (writing a status update or paste a link, upload a photo or video for example) and click on the clock in the lower left corner (see image above). You then choose year, month, day and time for publishing the post.


Once finished, click on “schedule” and your post will be automatically published on the day and you have programmed. You can manage the scheduled post in the activity log.

Later Posting

An excellent feature for page administrators!



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