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How to run JavaScript code on Facebook

Often on this blog we point out several tricks to Facebook involving the use of code javascript . For example code that allows you to select all your friends to invite them to an event , to suggest a page and a code that allows you to discover the secret list of favorite friends.

The JavaScript language is very powerful and commonly used on most websites, but among the various uses it can also be harmful and therefore can become unsafe and malicious code, which is why the latest versions of browsers do not allow multiple executions of JavaScript. Like the previous methods of simply “copy and paste” of code into the address bar.

So here’s a guide to be able to execute JavaScript code on Facebook (and other) with any browser.

How to execute code javascript in Google Chrome

First, you must make sure your bookmarks bar is visible. To show the address bar is sufficient to use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + B or click on the wrench in the upper right and the “Favorites” menu choose “show bookmarks bar.”

You must now select and drag the javascript code from a webpage to the bookmarks bar. For example, here is the code that allows you to discover the secret list of friends who are most visited on Facebook :


Clicking the right mouse button and hold it down, drag the link in the address bar. This will create a new bookmark on the browser that you use the script whenever you want by simply by clicking it.

How to run JavaScript code in Mozilla Firefox

With the same procedure as above – to execute JavaScript code in Firefox you need to create a new bookmark by dragging the code to the the favorite bar.

For advanced users: On Firefox it’s actually possible to run code directly on the address bar, as it was with many older versions of browsers. To succeed you must install the add-on NoScript , and go to the page about: config in Firefox. You are looking for the value noscript.allowURLBarJS and change it to true . From now you can run javascript from the address bar.

How to run JavaScript code on Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

If you use IE 8 and earlier versions should be able to run JavaScript directly from the address bar of your browser.

Sometimes (not always) you need to re-enter by hand the first part of the code (the word “javascript”). For example here is the code that acts like a calculator.

javascript: alert (4 +5 +6 +7 + (3 * 10));

Try to copy and paste and press Enter, if it does not work try to copy only: alert (4 +5 +6 +7 + (3 * 10)), with the keyboard and add “javascript” before the colon.

IE9 and other browsers

For all other browsers, the rules of Chrome and Firefox. In general, you should drag the code on to the bookmarks bar, or manually create a new bookmark and enter the code in the URL (Web address).

All right. Now what?

Now that you can use the javascript code correctly, you’re ready tricksFacebook, follow us on our page: TricksFacebook – FBPage or check the website to the category javascript . In the coming days we’ll publish tricks that will allow you to enjoy this tip for sure!

Stay tuned!




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