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How to find a users ID and other information on Facebook

FB Graph Zuck

While wandering around through the center of Facebook Developer’s site we found a little trick that many have had not noticed. Some basic information of each user are readily available to all (even by those not on Facebook) by visiting a simple URL.

The URL of which I speak is the open graph of the Facebook API:

Just enter after the slash / the username or ID of the object (which is this profile, a page, group, or an application) to discover some basic information.

Suppose you want to try this trick with Mark Zuckerberg’s account, we just look for his name on Facebook to find out that his user name is Zuck. Then we visit and obtain this information:

“Id”: “4″ – This is the ID of the user (we had already revealed 5 ways to find it, but this new method is much faster and easier)
“Name”: “Mark Zuckerberg” – Full name
“first_name”: “Mark” – Name
“Last_name”: “Zuckerberg” – Surname (in case he also set a nickname there would be another field called “middle_name”
“Link”:, – The link to his profile on Facebook
“Username”: “Zuck” – His username
“Gender”, “male” - Sex
“Local”, “en_US” - The language in which Facebook displays. No more special then use tricks like this to find out what language your friend uses Facebook.

This information can be displayed for every user on Facebook. If the user has not set the user name, use the profile ID.

Example: = ——>

The same trick applies to pages, useful as in the previous case if we find the ID of the page quickly. Here, for example, the URL for our:




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