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How to edit comments on Facebook


Many of you have noticed (the function is not yet available for all) that the comments system on Facebook is changed, the button has disappeared, "said" and now you need to write a comment and press "Enter" (Enter) to leave comments. (If we are going to head in our commentary we just hit Shift / Shift + Enter)

This change to the comment system brings with it a new feature: the ability to modify your comments! Once we have the comment by pressing Enter, we will be able to change it. How? Just click on the X next to the comment (see picture)


Clicking on the X makes your comment reappear in your blank comment box where it is ready for editing. Here is a picture where I edited the comment:commento-modificato-facebook

As noted in the comment box reappears, and we will be able to cancel it or change it by pressing Enter so your comment will be published again.


The ability to change the comments has some limitations:

  • If someone comments after your comment you’ll no longer have the ability to change your comment, in other words, your comment is "locked" and you only have the option of removing it, deleting it.

  • The ability to change is not eternal … you only have about 60 seconds, but it’s more than enough time to control a newly posted a comment. (Perhaps inadvertently pressing Enter)

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  • Socialfactory

    sometimes u send the comment just by pressing enter when u meant new line

  • TricksFacebook team

    We hate when that happens!