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How to download videos from Facebook with any browser

In this guide we see how to download videos from Facebook with the most common browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome


For these 3 popular browsers you can use a script greasemonkey remember that this is an extension that can be added to Firefox ( click here ) and Internet Explorer ( click here ). Google Chrome however there is no need to add anything because the scripts are automatically recognized.

The script that we are interested in is called Facebook Video Downloader (another script: Facebook Video ) and add a link to the Facebook page of the video. When watching a video you will notice a new "Download". (See picture)

Mozilla Firefox


To download video with just install the Firefox add-on Download Helper available for free.


Once installed you can just go to view the video on the bottom bar in Firefox, clicking on the icon of the extension will see an item, clicking it will start downloading the video.

Google Chrome


In addition to using one of the scripts, you can use the program Google Chrome Cache Viewer , a small utility that allows you to read the contents of the cache folder and remove all files stored on your computer and even the video displayed on Facebook.


A similar system can be used on the program using Opera Opera Cache Viewer

Internet Explorer

On IE, in addition to use with a greasemonkey script reported before, you can also make use of the method of the cache using the program IE Cache View

Alternative for all browsers

An alternative is given by the program Video Cache View supporting different browsers and filtering the video content allowing immediate identification. (No need to keep looking for the video in the cache).

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