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How to Delete a Message or Conversation on Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook messages received an update. There is now a new messages page, new style and new functions.

Many wonder, where did the delete option go? How do I delete a single message or an entire discussion? Is it possible to delete all my Facebook messages?

This Guide explains how to delete a single message, an entire conversation or all messages/conversations from Facebook.

Deleting a single message

delete-facebook-messageThe new message page (accessible here ) shows a list of conversations, chats or messages.

To delete an individual message from a conversation, select the conversation list on the left and click on the menu at the top right “Actions.”

Choose “Delete messages” and select with the cursor / messages you want to delete from the conversation. Now click on the button “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

Facebook warns you that this is an action that cannot be undone. The deleted message (or messages if you have selected more than one) can not be recovered.



How to delete an entire conversation

delete-facebook-conversationIf you want to delete the entire message history with a contact you do not need to select every message one by one.

Facebook has recently added a new feature to the “Actions” menu called “Delete Conversation.” Clicking on the delete conversation and confirming the  deletion, will permanently delete all the messages exchanged with your friend.

This action cannot be undone which means you need to be sure you want to delete the entire conversation. It’s important to know that even if you permanently delete a conversation the other person in the conversation will still have it in there messages. The conversation will exist until both you and the other person delete the conversation.




How to delete all messages (or conversations) with one click

What if you want to delete all the messages in your account? Do you need to repeat the process for each conversation? In theory yes, but with a little trick you can delete all conversations in one click.


The trick is to install an extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you use Chrome the extension to install is Facebook Fast Delete Messages. If you use Firefox install the script Delete Facebook Messages (a Greasemonkey add-on).

Both add a button “Delete All” to the messages page. Clicking the button will permanently delete all conversations in your Facebook.

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