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How to create a FBML welcome page

Many of you have asked for a guide to create and add a landing tab to welcome users to your pages, for those who do not know what we’re talking about, you get it by clicking on our fan page, if you are not yet fans of you will notice a tab different from our frequent visitors, there it asks you to click on “like” and become a fan.

The steps in this guide are not complicated but require a little knowledge of HTML language that not all users have. The greater your knowledge of HTML and CSS the greater the level of customization you’ll be able to achieve in your tab.

The application used to "build" our Welcome tab is called Static FBML , a widespread application, developed by Facebook that makes it possible to use the so-called "Facebook Markup Language" within the pages. The language FBML is basically the translation of HTML to Facebook; recently Static FBML application directly supports HTML now creating a custom tab has become even easier.


1. First you need to add the application to the page where you want to insert the frame of welcome. .After clicking "Add to My Page" go to your page and click on "Edit Page".

2. Click on Applications on the left and in the center pane you will see the application you just added "FBML"


Click on "Go to application" and it will open an editor to create your new welcome  tab. In the Title field pane you can specify the name for the welcome box, in the field insert FBML code or HTML.

Here are all your skills with HTML, can be useful for beginners HTML editor online as CuteEditor or ckEditor that create lines, written and written with colorful pictures and links for example. Once completed you can just copy and paste the html code in the box FBML. Other useful sites are to create written guides found on shaded or altervista or Tiscali .

3. Once you have completed your box click on save changes and return to your page. (The tab/ box should already be added to your page, if not the screen click on "edit settings" at the settings page on FBML (pictured above) and re-add it).

4. As a last step we have to set the tab you just created as a ‘welcome’ by default or make it viewable to all visitors who have not yet clicked I “like” it. To do this you must go once again to the settings page (by clicking on the edit page) and click on the left on "Manage Permissions"


In the center pane, drop-down menu simply choose the tab you just created and save the changes . From this moment all the new visitors who are not yet fans of your page will display your new welcome tab. All the others will continue to see the page as before.

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  • Me

    FBML pages do not work in Facebook. I heard they’re opting to iFrames — but I need to know how to do that as well.. :(

  • Chamaloko

    FBML not showing in applications tab. so didn’t work.