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How to convert a Facebook profile to a page

Facebook has finally launched one of the functions that has much requested by users: the ability to convert a profile account into a business Page thus making friends turn into Likes.

Facebook has in fact made ​​available the ability to convert user’s personal pages to professional Pages, with the new profile-page Migration Tool. So this is the answer all the hundreds of pages that were created to incentives others to transfer the “friends” to potential “fan” without having to start the new page with a small number of “Likes.”

Many friends are currently being transferred to the new page’s Friends (converted to Likes) and the images in the profile remains the same. The contents of the profile will not be transferred, Facebook has not yet made ​​its announcement but could later provide the choice of which content a user could choose to transfer to the new public page. If you were are planning to convert your profile page, then you should wait, make a backup of your profile so be sure not to miss any information.

To migrate a profile (do not convert a profile for fun or for testing, there is no turning back once the procedures started)



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