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How to block access to Facebook


Today we show you some ways to quickly block access to – because sometimes you need to block distractions in times of study,  work or home. With these services you decide which sites to block and how long of a duration of the block.

Block access with software

One of the most common methods to prevent access to social networking sites or other sources of distraction are to use programs that are installed and run in the background. On the internet you will find many options, some freeware others paid.

We suggest: block it for me , a free utility that allows only takes a few steps to block access to various Internet sites including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, and many others. Just run the program and choose which services to monitor, store and activate.

Download Block It For Me

Other similar software is called The Web Blocker , it is free but also more customizable. And ‘in fact it’s possible to choose a password to enter to remove the block.

Download The Web Blocker

Obviously software is easy to start, easy to terminate a process to circumvent the block. Just close it or uninstall the program to unlocked and access facebook.

Blocked by changing the "hosts" file in Windows

A block is much more effective by modifying the Windows hosts file, which regulates access to files and various web servers. Entering as an exception makes it so the site will not be able to be visited from any browser or application on that PC.

Follow instructions: the "hosts" file is on the path: "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc". Open it by right clicking and selecting "open with" – Notepad.

If you’re on Windows Vista/7/8 you must also open the file with administrator permissions, required for the modification of system files. If it is necessary for you to open the first Notepad with administrative privileges (right button – run as administrator), and thereafter from Notepad, open the "hosts" file.

The text you should add is the following line of text:

Save and close the file. Now try to visit the Facebook site, if you have done everything correctly will be impossible.

To restore access to the site you will have to redo the process erasing the line previously added to the file "hosts".

This is a very effective method for blocking access to websites. Unless the user is an expert in which it will be hard to circumvent the block.

Block router access (upstream)

Many of the routers on the market allow the configuration of a list of websites to be excluded from access.

This filter can be configured from the settings of your router usually accessible at . Each modem has different settings for this reason we can not provide instructions.

This block is really effective because it runs uphill. All computers connected to the internet through that router will be unable to visit the site (s) you have listed.

Block access through firewalls

Similar to the previous method this is usually used in the workplace by system administrators. Web sites or domains in the filter set the firewall can not be visited.

These blocks are sometimes overcome by using a proxy , but if the latter is also blocked by the firewall, then you need to find alternative routes. (Such as a VPN , for more info do a Google search )

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