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How quickly scroll through the posts on the Wall

One of our readers, Denis , alerted us to this handy trick to scroll through the posts on your wall quickly. Before starting we thank him full heartily, as you know our motto is we will have more tricks and this is confirmed.Smile

The trick will allow you to flip through your wall without needing to go down with the mouse wheel , how many times it would like to publish something posted in the past? Or find a photo, a message, a link from days or months ago … How to get it back again? Scroll down for hours and hours? No … We provide 2 methods:

1.  The first method is by Denis. Just go on your Wall and copy and paste the following code in the address bar (instead of “”):

var max = parseInt (prompt (“How many pages do you want to go back ?”,””));
decide function () {
max = max-1;
if (max == 0) {clearInterval (intervalID);}
var v = document.createEvent (“MouseEvent”);
ev.initMouseEvent (“click”, true, true, window, 0,0,0,0,0, false, false, false, false, 1, null);
document.getElementById (“profile_pager”). getElementsByTagName (“a”) [1]. dispatchEvent (ev); scrollTo (0, document.height)
intervalID = setInterval (you decide, 3000);
void (0);


Press Return (Enter) a pop-up asks you how many pages you want to scroll back, choose the number and click OK.At this point, the browser will do everything automatically, that will flow back to how many times you set. The code has been tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari , Internet Explorer does not work 9.

2.   The second method is to make a backup of your Facebook profile .Once downloaded the information you can easily scroll to the first day of your account creation. Read the article and download the information .


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