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Guide to Facebook Privacy: advertising, applications and websites


Today we begin a series of articles devoted to the issue of privacy on Facebook. Article after article we will explore the little-known functions and understand all the settings to ensure more privacy, better security and more control of what we do on Facebook.

Privacy is indeed a theme that is very dear to all, and Facebook to allay privacy received much criticism over the years, the site has added a variety of settings, changing over time, adding new controls, in general, always trying to simplify understanding of the settings.

Today we see the section on privacy settings regarding applications, games, websites and advertisements.

First go to privacy settings, accessible from here. On this page, scroll down and click on “Edit Settings” to the right of “Advertisements, applications and websites.”


From the page that opens you can manage different options. Let’s see in detail.

Edit applications

The first block of settings for applications (and games) that you added to your account.

Facebook Apps You Use

From here you can choose which applications and games to remove from your profile (you should remove all unused applications). By clicking on “Disable” You can also choose to completely disable the platform to no longer receive any request for games and applications and use Facebook only for its basic functions (see the guide: How to block requests for games and applications for ever).

Clicking on the “Edit Settings” you can have a chronological list of applications you use, and any application you choose to remove it (by clicking the X to the right of the name) or change settings further. For each application / game is for example possible to know what are the specific permissions assigned (for example the possibility of applying for access to our list of friends or publish in our name on our profile) and choose the level of privacy for the post published by this.

Facebook Apps Access and Info

It ‘s very important to remove applications and unused non-essential, to ensure greater privacy.

Way in which people share your information with applications that use

Facebook Apps Use Settings

Another approach is the information that applications added by our friends can download from our profile. Facebook says that: “People who can see your information, they can share them with the applications they use. Use this setting to control the categories of information that people can share.”

In other words, any application added by a friend of ours on Facebook, which has permission to see the information of friends, can check all the details on our profile. And what is this information? Click on “Change Settings”

Friends access to you profile

If you have not checked this setting will probably have already checked all the boxes. Personally I do not find that any application just by adding one of my friends may have access to my information, so I unchecked all the boxes.

Instant personalization

Facebook Instant Personalization settings

Another approach concerns the instant personalization. This is a very interesting feature of Facebook, but that might not be appreciated by most of you. It must be selling a lot ‘of our privacy.

With this setting, for example, view the reviews of friends tops the list of those available for a movie on a website, or listen to our favorite songs when we visit a site dedicated to music etc..

Facebook turns into practice the information in our profile some websites with whom he entered into partnership agreements. These sites can customize the information displayed according to our interests, what we like on Facebook, what we talk more with friends, music videos or listen to publish and so on.

Facebook Instant Personalization

Again I chose not to allow instant personalization. You are free to choose, however, and this is perhaps not appreciated on Facebook … it should be appreciated that the default is already selected as the point above, but that’s another story.

Public research


The public can search the index page of your profile on search engines. In this way looking for your name on Google you will find you on Facebook. If you do not wish to be found on search engines must clear the box:


Note that Google takes several weeks to update the search results, so do not expect an immediate reply.


Facebook Ad settings

Finally, the last setting of this section applies to advertisements. How well do you know the ads on Facebook are very important, are in fact almost all of their sources of income.

Facebook divides ads in “Ads shown by others” and “Social Ads.” Both can be set if our friends can see the advertising information with respect to us.

At this link you can find more information and choose to edit the settings.

To understand what we’re talking about here is an example:

Facebook Ad Example

The advert on the right would be visible to our friends if we choose to associate our actions to our social friends. The one on the left if we choose “None” from the dropdown menu.



I hope you enjoyed this article first guide on the subject of privacy. In future articles we will explain section by section and understand all privacy settings.

If you believe that the information contained in this article are interesting share it with friends and help them to properly set the privacy.




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