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Clarification on privacy and ticker updates

Privacy and ticker
More and more people come and ask us for help like: Why don’t I see my updates at all? How do I remove everything from the box at the top right? How do I not show everything I do to my friends?

Let’s start by saying that the box at the top right of Facebook, the mini bulletin board that runs automatically and shows updates of friends, and more generally of the pages to which users have subscribed to the updates, you call the box, the ticker.

Also please note that this box is not visible to everyone, from the Facebook help center:

“The box updates is only visible to people with a certain level of account activity. If you do not see the box for updates, it’s probably because you do not use Facebook much, so there is not enough because the content pane of updates may be useful. ”

We have already reported on Tricksfacebook how to remove the ticker, but obviously the removal doesn’t mean that your friends will not see your information in their ticker. In fact, the ticker only displays material that is already visible on your Facebook, it only shows updates in real time.

What updates are shown in the box to my friends?

Status Update

When you publish content, which is a status update, a photo, a link and so on, you can choose the level of privacy: if this is public then people who receive your updates (either friends and subscribers) can see it, but if you set the visibility of the content to “just friends” then just the people who are your friends can see it. If the content is public, then when you click “I like” your friends will see it in the ticker of the updates that I like was clicked. If the content is only visible to friends then only friends will see action in common.

Can I hide my news from the ticker of updates?

Hide from Timeline

Yes you can hide some recent activity, such as information about a friend’s activities, games and other applications. All the control is from your profile (timeline).

Whether or not you have a new timeline, when you share on Facebook, for example, when you click “I like” on a page, go to your profile and click on X to the right of the news, you can hide it from your profile and you can also hide all future News of that type. Once removed from the box it will also be hide future updates.

If you want to hide that kind of news from your ticker follow these instructions:

  1. Click on a news story in pane updates
  2. Click on the menu at the top right
  3. Select “Hide the news”

These and more information about how the ticker updates are available in the Facebook help center by clicking here.



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