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FishVille trick – Unlimited gifts

With FishVille you can get fish and grow and decorate an aquarium with the help of friends.

The game allows you to send a limited number of gifts a day with friends and neighbors. With this trick you can send as many gifts as you want.

1.) Open the Facebook game using a Firefox browser (need Firefox?)

2.) Open “Free Gifts” in a new tab by Right click button at the top.

3.) Repeat step 2 by opening as many tabs as there are friends you want to send gifts.

4.) In each tab, choose a free gift that you want to send (it can be the same or different), but do not press "proceed to send".

5.) Go to the first tab of your browser and click on "proceed to send" (send) and repeat for all other tabs.

6.) Jump on each tab again and select the friends to whom you want to send gifts. Do not click "Send Request FishVille Gift.

7.) Back to the first browser tab and click "Send Request FishVille" – Repeat for each tab.

8.) Finally, go back to the first card, for the last time, and find the "Send" button, click "Send" on each tab.

Have Fun!


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