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New extension to remove the read-receipt of messages on Facebook

Are you tired of Facebook automatically notifying friends, with date and time, of when you see their message? If you didn’t know that well know you do! Every time you receive and see a message (including chat) Facebook sends a read receipt to the sender. This is so the sender knows that you are online and that you’ve read the message. When you view the receive message the sender will be notified of the reading/viewing of the message “Seen on Date and Time.”

Previously, someone had developed an extension that helped take back your privacy, but unfortunately, that extension has been removed from the Chrome Website.

Thankfully today, we announce a new extension that allows you to remove the read-receipt of messages.

It’s called Chat Undetected, and it’s free and available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. All you need to do is visit the site, download and install the software (click on “Get Undetected Chat”). The installation takes a few minutes, restart the browser and the extension will be up and running.

Now you can read the messages freely without having to worry about a immediate response because the sender will not know that you’ve read the message. Enjoy! :)




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