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List of emoticons, Facebook (2012)

Facebook Faces

The trick of the year, at least so far, is definitely a bug in the Facebook system that allows you to insert new and an endless amount of emoticons in chat and messages .

Thanks to this trick anyone can create new smileys that you can send to friends (and others) in chat, or use to customize and beautify your messages on Facebook.

Today we have gathered for you a list of brand new and unique smileys for Facebook ! To use them, simply copy the code of the emoticon on the chat.


Smiley Description Code
laugh Smile – smiling face [[F9.laugh]]
sad Sad – sad emoticons [[F9.sad]]
angry Angry – face red with anger [[F9.angry]]
kiss Kiss – Kiss [[F9.kiss]]
inlove In love – with heart-shaped eyes [[F9.inlove]]
adore Smiley who loves – with the heart eyes [[F9.adore]]
sleepy He sleeps – He’s asleep [[F9.sleepy]]
pizza Pizza – a slice of pizza [[]]
shock Surprised – smiley with mouth open [[F9.shock]]
coffee Coffee – Cup of coffee [[]]
bomb Bomb [[F9.bomb]]
rain It rains – clouds and rain [[F9.rain]]
sun Sun [[F9.sun]]
heart Heart – big red heart [[F9.heart]]
heartbreak Broken Heart [[F9.heartbreak]]
doctor Doctor or Nurse [[]]
ghost Ghost [[F9.ghost]]
brb BRB (be right back – back soon) [[F9.brb]]
Wine Wine – Wine Bottles [[]]
gift Gift – pack with green ribbon [[]]
angel Angelo – Santa face with areola [[F9.angel]]
baloons Balloons – Party [[F9.baloons]]
cake Birthday cake with candles [[F9.cake]]
bowl Cup – bowl noodles [[F9.bowl]]
callme Call [[F9.callme]]
clap Applause – face that laughs and applauds [[F9.clap]]
confused Confused – with a crooked mouth [[F9.confused]]
curllip Happy-face curling lip [[F9.curllip]]
devilface Devil – a demon face angry [[F9.devilface]]
lying Lie – with a long nose [[F9.lying]]


These smileys are completely new and unique course, here also for completeness here is the article with a list of old smileys for Facebook, updated with the latest insert emoticon from Facebook.

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  • Hamid Aughroud


  • Hamid Aughroud