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How to use emoji on Facebook

emoji Official Facebook
After Facebook introduced the convenient chat pop-up window for new emotions they finally release new faces for us to use. In particular it’s of some emoji that Facebook has entered in the form of emoticons.

The emoji can only display about forty at a time and can only be used with an application on your smart phones (iOS devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch, and Android devices).

Facebook has indeed released a new update yesterday for this application, which adds new features including the ability to send smiley, emoticon and emoji new in the messages and also in the chat box.

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone here is a link to download the application:

emoji facebook

How to insert new messages in emoji

After installing and starting the application open a conversation or create a new message. Click on the + sign and scroll down to see all the smilies and emoji. At the moment there are only 40 available and but probably news one will be added in the future.

emoji on facebook messenger

These new emoticons/emoji are viewable by all users, on any browser or mobile phone.

In fact, Facebook has integrated all these new images on a single file with one call using a technique called CSS sprites. This means that soon these emoji could also be integrated on the site, or be entered directly on the chat using a browser.

We will update the article when new updated come out. Have fun with emoji!

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