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Colored text, bold, underline, smilies? SocialPlus!

Lately there have been more messages that begin with "[Social +]" that contain special characters. If you’ve been wondering what this new craze that is spreading on Facebook is, then we have the answer.

SocialPlus is a new application that integrates with the browser and allows you to customize the status updates on Facebook. You can write in cursive, bold, underline, change color to text or insert emoticons. It also lets you customize the style of your profile with a list of 500 different graphics and add the key "I do not like."

Social + is an extension available for most common browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Mozialla). You can download it here:

A clarification: your friends must also install their extension or see those strange symbols instead of text formatting, so: SocialPlus spread!

Here’s a video demonstration:

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