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A new method to bring back the old Facebook chat!

Return to Old Chat

2012 is starting well, with a new plugin that enables all to return to the old Facebook chat with friends lists, the ability to be online or offline for only a few of these, and all the old functionality that was lost when the Facebook upgrade introduced the sidebar.

We were the first to give you a way to see the old chat and among the first to report that the extension that allowed users to go back to the old chat, removing the annoying sidebar. Unfortunately, these methods have not work for several months and we were forced to use the new chat. We had to get used to something that wasn’t comfortable and even still it is an app that the majority of users do not like. Until now.

It’s called REfacechat, and is developed by the Italians to whom we give a thumbs up for this project. It ‘a free extension available for the most common browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Internet Explorer.

List functions REfacechat

1) The old chat will return as of July 2011. Your friends will be grouped into lists just as before.
2) For each list of friends you will have the option to be online or offline.
3) The chat will recharge faster.
4) Displayed will only be friends who are online and available to chat.
5) The sidebar will be disabled.
6) You will receive a notification style msn messenger when a friend comes to Facebook.
7) Links to the profiles of friends with whom you are chatting.

In short, this app is a must-try and one we here at support.

You can download the extension from Here are direct links:
Google Chrome
Mozialla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Internet Explorer



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