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How to make a backup of your account

An important step in keeping your Facebook information safe is to backup your profile. A backup can be for own safety. If you want to remove your Facebook profile but don’t want to loose all the information.

To do this, you will need an add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser, called “Facebook Archive” this will allow you to back up your Facebook account: photos, notes, messages, list of friends, events, groups, information and activities.


Once you’ve installed the extension in Firefox (click here to install) an option will appear in the Firefox Tools menu an item called “ArchiveFB. Logged on to Facebook and click on “ArchiveFB.” The process will start the backup job from your account.

When the backup is finished, you will see a sidebar article “Facebook | username date”: clicking page appears in your Facebook profile, for browsing online and to check that all pages have been integrated in the backup.

[via: manualissimo]

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