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How to import pictures from Instagram to Facebook


Facebook recently acquired Instagram in an effort to develop a stronger strategy towards social mobile technology. Immediately after the acquisition Facebook added it’s first filters to Facebook Mobile application, and recently Facebook launched a photo-sharing app called Facebook Camera.

After pointing out how to export Instagram photos to create a cover image for your Facebook timeline, today, we see how to take photos uploaded to Instagram and import to a new Facebook album, automatically.

The site were are talking about is called and it allows you to import photos from your Instagram account to an album on Facebook. This is a better way of sharing Instagram photos on Facebook because now you will have the ability to tag friends and view the photos directly on Facebook without having to give your friends a link to the photos on the Instagram viewer websites.

Instagram to Facebook Album Upload

All you need to do is visit Instafb and login to your two accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Secondly, name the album title that will be created on Facebook and then click on “connect”. The service will transfer up to 50 pictures automatically to Facebook. Then every new photo you post to Instagram will be upload automatically to Facebook.



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