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How to create a book of your profile

Today we will show you a service that automatically creates a book from your Facebook profile.

The service that we are talking about is called SocialMemories. It’s an application developed by Deutsche Post (Deutsche Post DHL). You need to connect this application to your page and give it permission. There are several required authorizations, because the application needs to create statistics on your profile and it needs access to information contained on your profile to do it. If you value privacy, after creating the book, you can remove the application.

Having secured permission, click the middle button to “Create a new book” to start creating the book.

The book that is created will not only be browsable online for free, you can also download the PDF or order a printed copy to receive it at home. The creation process takes a few minutes, the application will browse all the information in your facebook profile and generate custom statistics.

As soon as the book is ready you can click on “browse books” to browse online for free. You can also choose the “timeframe” which is the period of time from which to extrapolate the content.

your Book Facebook

The book is structured with a cover, an index and the various chapters. Each page tells the story of your profile with more moments that have marked it. You’ll find the most popular statistics such as status (the most commented or the one with the largest number I like), the most popular picture, my friend / more tagged / a on your photos. You will also have general statistics about the news published by you, your friends, your activities, music and photos, events and more. You can also choose to crop each photo on the book, he passes on with the mouse and clicking on Edit.

After choosing the colors and language of the book, click “Continue” and you’ll finally be able to share the book for free (although in reality it is only created an album on your profile with some of the pages the book), download it as a PDF (for 3.90 € or $4.82) or decide to receive prints (about 19 € or $23).



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