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How to add the best applications to your Timeline

Apps for Timeline

The Timeline has already been activated by many users of Facebook, and soon will be activated automatically and mandatorily to everyone. Beyond the criticism of the appearance we must admit that the features introduced with the Timeline are really innovative and useful.

An example this innovation is how applications are integrated into the TimelineThis new feature allows the integration of the profile sites or applications, and allows us to say what we are doing to our friendsWe can then communicate that we are listening to music, reading news, what we’re cooking, what sport we are practicing and anything else that comes from the imagination of developers we are able to share without having to physically share. Before explaining the operation of these applications here are the videos ( 1 and 2 ) introduction of Facebook:

How to add an application to the Timeline

The complete list of applications for the Timeline are here:

At this link you can browse through dozens and dozens of applications, divided by categories: Entertainment, Fitness, Food and Cooking, Gifts, Music, News, Shopping and Fashion, Travel and more.

To add an application to the Timeline just click on the name and configure the permissions dialog box.


Application Privacy

Many of you are annoyed to find friends to talk about all the things they’re doing, which is why Facebook makes it immediately clear that you can set the privacy settings for each application. In the dialog box it is clear who can see it :

Foodily settings

You can then choose to only close friends can see what music you are listening, or if anyone can see that you are practicing a sport, if only a few friends (the “Custom) can see what you are reading or cooking, and so on.

The list of applications you have added to the Timeline, with their privacy settings are available at your account settings, the applications tab.


And the games?

Games List

The games behave like applications, and are shown in box on your Timeline and is communicated to your friends (or whoever you want) when you are playing. The full list of games (and requests for applications) can be found on the dashboard:



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