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5 Facebook Tricks

1. Find out who stopped being your friend


Facebook Friends Checker script for Greasemonkey (Mozilla Firefox), will notify you when users remove you from their friends list.

2. View the list of emoticons in the chat


Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar, script for Greasemonkey (Mozilla Firefox), which shows a list of emoticons in the chat.

3. What to write in captcha


When promoted for a security check; you only need to type the letters. Everything else can be left out.[Via]

4. Changing the theme


Pagerang will allow you to change the layout of your Facebook page, but this change is only visible to you.  This tool is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

5. Receive Facebook notifications on  messenger


Facebook Notifications : a plugin for Messenger Plus Live! Shows the image above; which notifies you of emails, friend requests and invitations to events and groups.

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