How To Report A Deceased Person’s Facebook Profile


Facebook is a community of more than 900 million users and soon will reach an epic one billion subscribers. With all these people it's not surprising that on occasion a few of them pass away. A recent survey (February 2012) estimated that approximately 19 thousand Facebook users die every day. With large amount of inactive profiles growing everyday one has to wonder, what … [Read more...]

How to edit a comment on Facebook


About 15 months ago Facebook added the option to edit comments on Facebook. You should certainly try this feature, which allowed changes only for a few seconds after the comment was published by mistake. ( old guide ) But now Facebook has added a new feature: the ability to edit comments, at any time, regardless of when you posted the comment and also if anyone has responded … [Read more...]

Guide to Facebook Privacy: advertising, applications and websites


Today we begin a series of articles devoted to the issue of privacy on Facebook. Article after article we will explore the little-known functions and understand all the settings to ensure more privacy, better security and more control of what we do on Facebook. Privacy is indeed a theme that is very dear to all, and Facebook to allay privacy received much criticism over the … [Read more...]

How to block users and applications on Facebook (2012)


After this Privacy Policy yesterday on Applications, games, advertising and websites I'll explain another little-known section of the privacy settings on Facebook: block management. To access the management page of the blocks have to visit the page on Facebook privacy settings ( CLICK HERE or on Facebook menu at the top right select "Privacy Settings"), scroll down and click … [Read more...]

How to schedule a post on Facebook from Facebook


Facebook is undergoing a new phase in it's evolution, many new features are being launched and it's our duty to keep you informed and up-to-date. The feature discussed in this article is really interesting and for now only available for pages. Starting today you can schedule when a post is published, a news story as a status update, photo, link, event, or any other … [Read more...]