The 10 most frequently asked questions on Facebook


After my many years of experience on Facebook and after years of our team of bloggers, social media experts and consultants. We've decided to write a post on the 10 most frequently asked questions on Facebook. Here are questions that you probably have wondered about before. These questions are the most searched and often have no clear answers. Here we will try to answer … [Read more...]

Top 5 hidden tricks you should know on Facebook

5things you should know Facebook

From our beginning, the main purpose of this blog (more than three years ago) was to discover and report the best tricks and the best guides for Facebook. In this article, we list the top 5 hidden tricks for Facebook, tricks that everyone should know how to take advantage of.   1. Forward messages You don't need to necessarily copy and paste a conversation in order … [Read more...]

How to remove friends on Facebook

removing friends on Facebook

Recent questions to How do I remove a friend on the new Facebook timeline? Can you can remove more than one friend at a time? We'll try to answer those questions. Facebook is a social network, a place to make new friends and find old ones. Facebook over the years has removed and created new control that allow you to control what your friends see. … [Read more...]

How to export events and birthdays from Facebook

how to export events facebook

After writing about how to export a single event on Facebook, today we see a new and useful feature: the ability to export all events and birthdays. This function is very interesting because it allows you to integrate Facebook events calendar on any other calendar (like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or iCal). And 'possible to export all the events in which we were … [Read more...]

How to send a blank comment or message on Facebook


A year ago we revealed how to publish a blank status update, a simple trick that is still working that puts a special tag on a Facebook status update of empty update, but there is still something in the update. With this trick you can post a status update with no links, images, text or other content. Truly empty. A similar trick also exists for comments and messages (in … [Read more...]